Turnkey solution

    SunMind designs, maintains and operates your asset

    We offer a one-stop shop solution, covering all aspects of your tailored solar photovoltaic plant.

    No cash needed

    SunMind finances 100% of the necessary investment

    You prefer to invest in your business than in a solar photovoltaic plant? We just do it for you!

    Savings and security

    SunMind helps you take control over your utility costs

    SunMind offers a fixed and competitive price for the electricity produced by the solar plant.


    Sunmind helps you boost your CSR strategy

    Together, let's contribute actively to the energy revolution and a greener economy.


    SunMind develops your corporate PPA

    SunMind brings you the solar energy by developing a tailor-made "all-included" contract called a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).


    This agreement is a contract between SunMind and your company, in which SunMind commits to finance, design, build and operate a solar photovoltaic plant on the available land and/or roof. In exchange, your company commits to buy the electricity produced, at a competitive and fixed price agreed at the contract signature.


    On-site Corporate PPA

    SunMind will design, finance, build, operate and maintain the PV plant installed on the client amenities and inject directly the electricity production on the consumption site (and not to the grid). This mechanism is called Self-consumption, a 100% safe process since there is no impact on the electrical installation.

    Off-Site Corporate PPA

    SunMind will design, finance, build, operate and maintain a “mutualized” PV plant installed at a certain distance of the company amenities. SunMind will appoint a licensed utility or electricity supplier to manage physical offtake and redelivery of power on our behalf.




    We do believe that the energy revolution is EVERYONE business, both at the individual and corporate levels



    We leverage innovations in the solar, tech and financial fields to give you access to the best solution


    Committed to your satisfaction

    Execution and efficient deliveries are our daily priorities


    Intrapreneurial Project ...

    Agility & Dynamism

    SunMind emerged from an intrapreneurial project led by Maxime Varin - PPP Project Manager at VINCI Concessions. In 2019, SunMind participated in incubation and acceleration programs offered by Leonard, the VINCI Group's Foresight and Innovation Platform.


    ... Integrated within VINCI Concessions

    Expertise & Security

    SunMind is now fully integrated within VINCI Concessions as a trademark and benefits from its expertise and support to develop the Corporate PPA offers.